Synod Blogging 12 – Friday- Inter church relations.

Robin Paisley speaks on the new arrangement whereby he is rector of stooling, Dumfries and also a minister in the local Methodist circuit. This is pushing the canon on local ecumenical issues far beyond what it was intended todo. Robin seems very pleased.

EMU talks come next. They we between us and the Methodist, and URC. We don’t know what they are talking about.

+ldris is up next to talk about the link between Glasgow and Galloway and Gothenburg. He pronounces Porvoo as Por-voo and Gothenburg as Gottenburg. Swedish classes needed in G & G,I think. The ICRC have a logo on the screen. Rather like the London Olympics logo it is dynamic. It moves. It is very ugly. It consists of two hands around a blue globe.

Alex Gordon comes to the mike to speak about Reilley. This is the agreement we have with French Protestants. (NB I’m sure French Protestants are great. I go to the local parish church when I’m in France and have always been made to feel very welcome.)Well, I thought he was gong to speak about Reilley. Instead he seems to be talking about Focalere. Perhaps I missed an important bit.

Sarah Tomlinson gives her report in the guise of Kimberly Bohan. Sarah is our rep as a Young Person in the Anglican Communion.She remains our rep for 13 years. She will then be an old person.

Elspeth Davey speaks about a trip to Geneva. Sounds like a nice idea.


  1. Eamonn says

    On the mispronunciation of Porvoo and the spelling of Gothenburg/Gottenburg/Göteborg, not to mention other educational needs of G&G:

    A good, interactive, FREE course in Swedish.

    Här kan man läsa svenska! Det är inte svär!

  2. Sarah Tomlinson says

    An old person indeed! Huh!

    Ha ha!


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