General Synod Trivia Quiz

Here is this year’s General Synod Trivia Quiz

(I’ve never published this publicly before, but it is not the first year that the quiz has run).

  1. According to +David, the system of awarding grants in the SEC is trying to be a stimulant, a sedative and a what?
  2. Who won the pre-synod golf tournament?
  3. Who accused the Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow of living in fairyland during a synod debate?
  4. What was the name of the MC at the Caledonian Hotel for the synod dinner
  5. What was the name of the MC at St Michael and All Saints at their Glorious Festal Celebration and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament for Corpus Christi?
  6. Who is doing the talking during EMU talks?
  7. What was the text on the banner in Palmerston Place Church?
  8. What is Marula?
  9. Who has recently become a patron of Inclusive Church. (It was announced during synod by Inclusive Church)?
  10. What colour shoes was Margaret Duggan (of the Church Times) wearing at the Press Desk on Friday?


  1. Not having attended Synod, I would only be guessing for 9 out of 10 questions, however Kelvin’s shoe fetish comes out with question 10.

    And the exception – Question 5 – I can say I was there. Not knowing the personalities I can not put a name to the lady in question – is she the Sacristan?

    And this in from Kelvin gives me a chance to comment on the service on Thursday evening. Thanks to Scotrail, myself and the other from Glasgow arrived as the service started. The choreography of the service was incredible. As for the procession, the double thuribles at the end for the procession – one on a long chain following the casting of the rose petals , with the other thurifer walking backwards sensing the montrous on a short chain. The swapping over of the duties at various stages in the procession was well done.

    There was a lot more to this service, and a lot to think about both with the mysteries being celebrated and the way that the whole team involved in staging the service carried out their respective duties without fuss.

    And to Ruth, why was it the Dean of the Edinburgh diocese decide to give her a covering of rose petals after the service, avoiding the visitors from G&G.

  2. 1. A laxative.
    2. Duncan McCosh
    7. Suffer the little children etc – or words to that effect.
    That’s all I can do – but shows i was paying attention to something…

  3. 2. Duncan McCosh
    3. Martin Robson
    4. Mario
    5. Sheena Liddell
    7. Suffer the little children – and it was ghastly
    9. The Primus – and why did I have to read it on Anglicans Online and not on our own new website?

    And to answer Stewart’s question as to why Fr Kevin lobbed a basket of rose-petals over me at the end… I think it was a sign of affection!

  4. vicky says

    Interesting – the Primus signs the Dar es Salaam document and patronizes Inclusive Church. Does he have any consistency of approach?

  5. Thanks for a fascinating series of postings, which gives a humourous slant to what must have been a rather long week.

    Why didn’t someone choose hymns that you all knew for goodness sake? The joy should be in singing together as a unified body to celebrate the start of the Synod. Not worrying about unfamiliar tunes and words.

  6. Actually, I could have coped with unfamiliar words and tunes if they hadn’t also been full of heavily and unnecessarily gender-biased language. Ironic given that the sermon was about inclusion.

  7. OK — no one is biting on number 8. I know I have known what Marula is, but don’t know now. The only connections in my mind are ‘something to do with Focolare’ or ‘Mary’s name in some language or other’. Will you enlighten us?

  8. Anonymous says

    Actually, people are biting on Marula, even now.

  9. yes, all right. I know it’s a fruit and a tree. But that’s not really the desired answer is it??

  10. Anonymous says

    Well, you need to link the fruit with General Synod and you are home and dry.

  11. Marula is what the provost nearly threw at the person who said he was living in fairy-land?

    …it is (in fermented form) what we will be offered next year at Synod dinner instead of wine to show our solidarity with the poor?

    …it is the African fruit of which we should not eat if we want to reclaim eden?

    do tell.

  12. Marula is one of the flavours of jam that John Riches imports from Swaziland and had for sale at the synod. (And which KB helped him rearrange in the boot of his car for the trip to Glasgow).

    Time for the full answers, I think:

    1 – A laxative
    2 – Duncan McCosh
    3 – Martin Robson
    4 – Mario (and he was a dish)
    5 – Sheena (and so was she)
    6 – Episcopalians, Methodists and United Reformeds
    7 – Suffer the little children
    8 – Jam from Swaziland
    9 – +Idris
    10 – Pink (to make the boys wink)

  13. speug says

    Hate to be pedantic but I think you’ll find that the answer to No 5 is in fact Vicki Paterson – Sheena was Sub Deacon at Corpus Christi NOT MC

  14. kelvin says

    Ohh, I stand corrected. And I checked that one with Mother Ruth before posting the answer too.

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