Ahh, arrhh, arrrrhhhhh chooo!

I’m off work for a couple of days. I’ve picked up a sneezing lurgy.

If I had company, I’m sure it would be a man-cold. However, as it is, I’m on my own, so it is merely an indisposition.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.


  1. Commiserations – hope it’s not the same as I’ve had for the past week!

  2. vicky says

    yuch, I had it too…and despite being a woman, I am (apparently) a bloke when I’ve got a cold….go figure the transgender issues in that.

  3. Try First Defence. It protected me at Synod ….

  4. Oh please, if you were that ill you wouldn’t be blogging!

    (not that you don’t have my fullest sympathy of course. I can just feel myself twitching to get to willie lows to get you some ribena right now…)

  5. asphodeline says

    I have hayfever as badly as ever, no sympathy here!! Aaaaaaatchooooooooooooooo

  6. Moyra says

    Just keep it to yourself and don’t spread it around, I’ve not got time for any kind of lurgy!!

    Get well soon….

  7. ‘First Defence’ is certainly good – pricey, but lasts for ages – best if taken before you know you need to….. but good thru /during early signs/symptoms……. tho very horrid if your throat is sore……… but ……… ‘First Defence’ v Synod……. there’s a thing………..

  8. Just don’t make the mistake of asking the pharmacist for “First Response” unless you are ready for the funny look.

    As I wasn’t.

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