M 40, GSOH obviously…

I was leisurely reading through the lonely hearts column in the London Review of Books this morning – it is so often the best bit. As I did so, I reflected on the fact that the best idea for inspires (the magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church) that I’ve come up with which has never seen the light of day is a Pisky Personals column.

You know the kind of thing:

M 40. Own home and cathedral. Seeks similar for liturgy that doesn’t yet exist. GSOH, obviously.

The second best idea that I came up with which never saw the light of day (an Agony Uncle) is clearly related to the first.


  1. Rachel says

    Not sure if you read “Christianity” magazine, but they have had an “agony” column for the last few months which has addressed mostly sexual issues and has caused a storm of debate on the letters pages about their suitability in a “family” publication. The topics covered are among those least likely to be heard in a sermon but very important for christians to think through.

    I am dubious as to whether “Inspire” has the nerve to take up either of your suggestions.

  2. kelvin says

    Thanks for the comment Rachel. I don’t read Christianity so I was unaware of this. How very interesting.

    Inspires does not claim to be a family magazine – it is for everyone, but I could easily imagine the same kind of debate.

    The most interesting thing about the kind of reaction that you describe is that people seem to be saying that such topics should not be discussed in a family setting. I’ve a feeling that this is a particularly strong view in the UK and very different to what seems to be the case in, for example, the Netherlands, where there would be a presumption that the family was exactly the right place for open discussion.

  3. Rev F (50), small rectory, seeks clergy-wife /scrubber to keep house tidy, prepare meals and listen after a long hard day. GSOH essential.

  4. kelvin says

    Mother R, has it passed you by that slavery has been abolished?

  5. I think we need to combine this post with last:

    Fr Kevin’s agony-auntie weblog–

    relationship-guidance, fashion, vocational questions, handy household tips …

    just watch the blog-stats soar

  6. M 38 happily attached… still waiting for that Liturgy though

    maybe I can bitch to agony-auntie for some help 😉

  7. Andrew says

    Almost new liturgy (one careful Methodist owner) seeks a church for meals and occasional companionship. Comes complete with canonical approval and Guild of Servers certification. Affectionate, but a little nervous with children and Archbishop Drexel Gomez. No Anglican Hymn-book time wasters please.

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