Picking up comments

Just to pick up a few comments from elsewhere that need to be answered.

  • Jenny Berrie – of course I remember you. Many a happy knitting class in the chaplaincy in Stirling. Now, remember all I told you: knit one unto another, perl one unto another.
  • Robin asked why we moved John the Baptist to Monday and did not keep it on Sunday. Well, we could have kept it on the Sunday, but we do tend to follow the SEC pattern of moving Feast Days to the next available day if there is a clash. In the SEC calendar, a Sunday in June does take precedence over the Birth of the Baptist. So, unless there was good local reason, for example, being in a church dedicated to the Baptist, I would usually follow the calendar and move the Festival to the Monday.
  • Kimberly has been asking such interesting questions on her blog. Someone asked me what we were doing about the sermon discussion group this week, as the sermon on Sunday will be during the liturgy of the word at 0810, whilst the 1030 service is another baptism. (I’ve never worked in a congregation that is so fruitful). The answer is, that we will have a discussion about Kimberly’s questions after the 1030. Focussing on the first 2.
  • Kennedy asked when the Scottish Episcopal Church would be given the chance to vote on the proposal that the Primates be made an integral part of the Anglican Consultative Council. (The Canadian vote on that got quite a lot of fuss recently). David B put a comment on that some might not have seen, pointing out that this proposal comes to the SEC last year. And we voted decisively against it.


  1. Glad the questions have been of use. Let me know how your conversation goes. I asked the questions without any clear purpose, but have a sense that they are more important than I realized. So now, I am working on what to do with them. Suggestions welcome. Here or there.

  2. Kennedy says

    Thanks for the clarification. I had tracked down that it came from the ACC meeting in 2005 so I realised that it might have come before Synod last year. However trying to track down a summary of the decisions of the 2006 proved to be a fruitless task. Thanks again.

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