Greetings from Nigeria

Bishop Bright Ogu

This pic was taken yesterday in St Mary’s. It shows, from left to right, The Rt Rev Idris Jones of Glasgow and Galloway (Bishop & Primus), The Rt Rev Bright Ogu, Bishop of Mbaise in Nigeria and the Very Rev, the Skinny Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow.

It was nice to hear booming around the church at the start of the sermon, “Greetings to you all from the Church of Nigeria”.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Sounds like something very good to hear indeed! Could you tell us a little more about the service & Bishop Ogu’s visit for those of us who, sadly, couldn’t be there on Sunday?

  2. kelvin says

    Bishop Bright is on a private visit to this country which is involving stops in Malvern, Chester and Glasgow. During his time in Glasgow, he wanted to meet members of the Ibo community. For the service on Sunday, we were joined by Fathers Barnabas and Christian, from Possilpark and St Silas, respectively.

    It was interesting to hear a very different style of preaching. Theologically, we were some worlds apart – Bishop Bright asserted that we must not abandon God or else there is a chance that God will abandon us. I got rather the impression that most present, including folk from the Ibo community were rather of the view that God tends not to abandon us, come what may.

    However, it was good to share in worship and to know that we are in full communion with one another.

  3. Bishop Ogu was to travel by train to London on Saturday but the lines were flooded. Eventually a taxi driver got through flooded roads as far as Pershore and dropped him and his wife off at the vicarage, where he is now staying. I have just taken him up the high tower of Pershore Abbey to look at the ancient building and the views of the flooded Vale of Evesham, with which he was highly delighted.

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