Book Review – God in All Things

God in All ThingsThe new book by Gerard Hughes is out now. Gerard Hughes’s popularity lies in the fact that he always writes directly for the individual struggling with issues of faith and life and gets right to the heart of spiritual needs and concerns. His best-seller God of Surprises published nearly 20 years ago has sold nearly a quarter of a million copies. God in All Things is a follow up to that book written for a different world and a different spiritual climate. This is a guidebook for the inner journey. It is about recognising God in the ordinary, in the joy and sadness of things, about knowing that God cannot be separated from whatever we experience. It is written for people on the fringes of Christianity, or those who are disillusioned with church structures and dogmatic theology. Hughes has written this book because he is concerned at the split between religion and life, as if religion was something apart and detached from the rest of God’s creation. Apart from being a brilliant spiritual guide this book is a call to a faith in terminal decline to enlarge its concept of God and break out of the straitjacket of pious religion.

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Review previously published in inspires magazine.


  1. I’ve heard it said that Gerard Hughes only wrote one good book, and the rest of them have just been rewritings of said book.

  2. Not quite true. God of Surprises is a excellent book – perhaps the “One Good Book” people see as the text which is often re-written. But “In Search of a Way” is a very different book, and has actually been more important to me.

  3. Yes, God of Surprises was that one good book, or so it was said. In Search of a Way and Walk to Jerusalem are pretty similar, no?

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