A question of sin

The trouble with sin, is that it creeps up on you unexpectedly.

There I was doing the ironing, a virtuous task sure as anything. Then I ran out of water in the steam iron and the following sinful thought passed through my mind.

“Hmm, having lost the little plastic water bottle that came with the iron, what could I use to keep water in, so that I had water close by to fill it up when it runs out? Oh, what about that…..”

The trouble is, that the thing that I was looking at was a small plastic water bottle in the shape of the blessed Virgin (with removable screw on crown in blue). The object itself is full of holy water from the Shrine at Knock. Now, I was not planning on using the water in the iron, for that would be profligate waste. I was planning only on using one of the bottles. However, this must surely still be sin, must it not?

At the moment, my supply of water from the Holy Shrine at Knock (known to be effective on cats) is fairly healthy. Should I run out, I wonder what I should do. I wonder if Bishop David would do a delivery service as part of his many trips to the Emerald Isle.


  1. Oh I think Our Lady would positively approve of a plastic replica of Herself being used for such a womanly task.

    I too have lost the wee plastic bottle that came with my iron but suspect Son #2 has spirited it away upstairs to the Ann Frank suite where he does his own ironing. I also have a spare plastic BVM with screw off crown cap and I can see it will do just the job. Thanks!

    Te absolvo.

  2. I am sure our Blessed Mother will not mind having you use her plastic water bottle image to hold water for your iron (after all, I’d think she’d be pleased to see a male ironing in the first place – hehe)… Just in case, Ive lit a candle before Our Lady of Perpetual Help and said a Novena on your behalf so you won’t burn in hell. 😛


  3. Mention of Knock and the wee plastic bottles raises a thorny theological question that has had me puzzled for many years now – since we used to travel through Knock fairly regularly on the way from Galway to the ferry at Larne.

    1. How do the holy water taps work? Are the taps themselves blessed, ergo any water which comes out of them “catches” the blessing?

    2. Has the reservoir been blessed – in which case does the blessing become diluted as the water is replenished or does 1. above also apply (sanctification by infection?)

    3. Does the duty priest bless the taps on his rounds every morning?

    My bottle (sans crown – plain white plastic top as befits a low-church C of I member) sits on my shelf next to my knitted Orangeman Sammy (I kid you not – ask His Reverence from Portadown) who proudly bears his LOL 1 sash (Drumcree).

  4. practical pru says

    Kettle works very well indeed in Glasgow as few mineral salts in the tapwater to cause problems…… saves buying special water ….and tho kettle may leak it doesn’t tend to get lost…… Alternatively, how about hols to Emerald Isle ?

  5. Delighted. But actually the great Monsignor James Horan would just pipe it in for you and the Catholic faithful of Glasgow. I blogged about him while on my holliers in Ireland last month

    Sorry I don’t know how to make a link in your comment box!

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