Transfiguration – Top Ten Reasons

It is the Feast of the Transfiguration today.

The top 10 reasons for coming to the Transfiguration service tonight at 7.30 pm in St Mary’s are:

  1. It is the festival of change – an auspicious day to come to church to pray about something you would like to change in your life.
  2. We are singing a simple plainsong mass – yay!
  3. Good day to pray for peace in the world – anniversary of Hiroshima
  4. The Provost is preaching
  5. The Provost has said his sermon will be short
  6. Jesus appeared from within a cloud. Guess what we are having.
  7. Moses and Elijah will be there, so I’d better be.
  8. It is the most important festival after Christmas and Easter
  9. It is one of those church dayswhich is pure bottled glory, glory, alleluia.
  10. Chances are, it might be followed by a pilgrimage to the Lansdowne for fellowship and pure bottled something else.


  1. Well if you put it like that I will see you in the Lansdowne at 8.30pm 😉

  2. #6 is giving me strange visions of just half of you sticking out of a cloud of incense. 🙂

  3. re 8 above, doesn’t the SEC do Pentecost?
    Here, we did Transfiguration yesterday…

  4. kelvin says

    Tim – what is so strange about your vision.

    Simon – quite so, I’m glad someone is paying attention. Actually, Ash W, Ascension Day and Epiphany rank higher than the Transfiguration too.

  5. It would seem that in this (not too) far-away corner of the SEC, St Oswald ranks higher. Sunday evening I (and 5 other voices) sang Evensong in honour of the saint. Brewer in D forsooth. They were well pleased by the turnout in the pews.
    Don’t ever let St M’s get you down.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Re 8 above . . . I was wondering . . . but aside from Ash Wed, Epiphany and Pentecost, what about Good Friday . . . or the Feast of the Anunciation?

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