Last night

Last night’s service was very enjoyable. Almost twice as many people turning out as I was expecting. Quite a few saying that it was the plainsong which tempted them out.

It being the Transfiguration, I did think that a rousing chorus of Shine, Jesus Shine might have helped at the end, but I managed to keep that thought to myself.


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I fear that I consider Shine, Jesus Shine an abomination at most times. However, is it not the perfect hymn for the Transfiguration. Or indeed, for Benediction?

Sing along now.


  1. Moyra says

    It is indeed the most excellent choice of hymn for the Transfiguration (and I have taught it to a crowd of people for that very purpose)!!

  2. My music group love it, but know me well enough to sing it only on the Sunday’s I’m away. I have visions of a demented organist in a previous parish who got so carried away that in the final chorus, stopped playing, stood up, and started clapping, then returned for an encore of that final chorus and gave it laldy. I’ve never quite recovered!

  3. holy hettie says

    An’ we cood get a skreen in an’ watch the luvley pikchure too………….. Ah wel……. they wot weren’t there missed a good un………. Ta K.

  4. O Lord… this reminds me a story my art and spirituality prof once told me of a trip he took to Walsingham. There he took his very anglocatholic soul to be edified with high church graces, only to find people with hands raised in the air singing Shine, Jesus Shine hahaha..

    I’ll stick with the Plainsong 😛

  5. Last night reminded of the time the Cathedral Choir sang in all the mainland SEC cathedrals in one day – all unaccompanied. This being one of those ideas that emerged in “La Taverna” now The Lansdowne that Father Kenny’s enthusism turned a post evensong drink into reality.

    Now were did Kelvin invite the congregation after the service last night?…………….

  6. Roddy says

    There is a particular ring of hell reserved for Graham Kendrick. One where he is forced to listen to polyphony whilst demons all dressed like Bach stick forks into him…

    “Shine Jesus Shine” fits into the same category as the Horst Wessel Song in my mind. Banal, emotional, manipulative and wrong.

    Apart from that I quite like it.

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