It has been a busy weekend

Well, it had been a busy weekend. Yesterday involved several trips down to the SECC to take down the exhibition stuff and also to ask Hayes and Finch whether they could have a look at the big thurible we have which is broken and sad.

And then there was the big wedding in the afternoon.

Karen and Frank are now not only hitched, but were sitting in church this morning with the same beaming smiles on their faces as they wore all through yesterday.

Last night there was much whirling and birling to be done at their ceilidh.

Now, I was wanting to ask – the wedding I did yesterday and the one I did a couple of months ago (ie the last one I did) were both nuptial masses. I don’t think I had ever done one before these two came along together. Is this a fashion? Are nuptial masses de rigueur, or am I just marrying the devout to one another all of a sudden?

Actually, the first wedding that I ever did involved the couple nipping in to the Lady Chapel (or perhaps nupping in to the Lady Chapel) to receive communion from the reserved sacrament together, which was rather nice. Nothing of the kind since then. What’s going on?


  1. Christina says

    Maybe it is a trend – I sang at my first nuptial mass last Saturday. It was the son of a bishop getting married – maybe that explains our one. But your two – very odd.

  2. asphodeline says

    I was nuptially massed in Saint S’s to a C of S man!! I realised during communion and with a terrible headache that by then in a more normal service, we would have been finished and out!

  3. It must be a Glasgow thing. In my curacy, it was mostly nuptial masses. In Dunoon, it’s ‘weddings’. They go too fast, though, and everyone looks a bit bewildered when it’s time for the dismissal.

  4. Maybe its a chorister, or church music geek thing. Its a good way of cramming in more music.

  5. asphodeline says

    Lol, PamB is right, it’s a music cramming thing. I had about seven hymns to find a home for!!

  6. I remember one particularly vulgar example at our own dear place – Byrd four-part, specially composed 28minute anthem, bride came in to Zadok the Beast, at least two bishops and an archdeacon present. Points were certainly being scored.

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