My Modern Scotland

I’ve just had a go at the Sunday Herald Blog Competition. You have to write a blog entry on My Modern Scotland.

My entry is not up yet, but here it is here:

I walk back from the Mitchell, having deposited books. I pass a restaurant which is world famous around here. Outside, one of the staff clears the path wearing turban and kilt with some style.

On and into the hairdresser’s. It is now a beauty salon. John’s away, back home in Cyprus at weddings. His substitute chatters away as she cuts. “Pakistani weddings are just like those Greek ones, you know. Only they pin on jewellery rather than money”.

Across the road, I wait for my Kung Po chicken. On the counter are two apologies.

– We are so sorry, but we cannot take credit or debit cards.

– We are so sorry, but this week our duck is not halal.

We may be wearing black kilts, but we are weaving a whole new tartan in my streets. Threads gathered from all over the world.

Warp and weft.

Welcome to the new Scotland.

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