A gap

It seems to me that there is nothing in Canon Law about flower arranging.

Am I right?


  1. You are indeed right.
    Although it could be argued that a permanent artifical arrangement might be a canon 35 matter.

  2. Canon 35 for artificial flowers? Clever.

    One might also argue that they fit under canon 22 — on Worship.

    Or even Canon 28 — on pastoral breakdown??

  3. Oh dear – surely the Canon which says the Priest-in-Charge has absolute authority (to which I can not remember the number) in his church is the one that applies.

  4. No, church flower arrangers are a law unto themselves.

  5. – so opportunities for an opening salvo and subsequent broadsides, eh ? Hoist the mainsail and hard a-starboard….

    ……..(now where did I put that powder and shot……. no…. that’s just compost and pots……)

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