What do clergy do?

Here are some of the things that I am or have been doing this week:

  • Two weddings
  • Attending the formal opening of the new BBC building
  • Being around St Mary’s for Doors Open Day
  • LGBT Discussion Group (starts tonight at 8 pm in the Synod Hall)
  • Trip to Aberdeen for Bob Gillies’s consecration as new bishop
  • Baptising Rosemary. (She was a poppet)
  • Informal pastoral conversations
  • Drinking liquor with choir and hangers-on after Evensong
  • Three wedding receptions
  • Attending institution of new priest at Renfrew (last Friday)
  • Meetings with colleagues
  • Usual telephone calls and mail
  • Making decisions on the fly
  • Morning Prayer
  • Time off

There is quite a lot of the smiling and nodding lark going on this week.

More than usual.


  1. You should cut the ligging, mate, and spend a lot more time drinking with the choir.

  2. kelvin says

    I ligg not.

    I blag.

  3. Christina says

    I look forward to seeing you on your jolly up to the frozen north on Saturday!

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