Computer afternoon

In mild frustration at my new prescription swimming goggles arriving on an afternoon when the pond is designated as women only, I turned to matters of information technology.

Now for some time, the computer has been held together with bits of string inside, to which blu-tac was added recently. Indeed, it had getting so hot and bothered that it had not been put together for some months and didn’t really have an inside or an outside. Today the DVD drive stopped working and no amount of juggling of string or bits of wire would help.

Decision made to replace the computer at 1500 hrs.

The new one has now been in use since 1630 and is charming me. It does not seem to crash unexpectedly. It neither hums when it is happy nor blows air around the room when it feels warm. The drive works. Everything works. It has lovely Vista.

Happiness is restored.

The praepostorial goggles debut tomorrow.


  1. Andrew says

    But does it interface to the other computers in the office?

  2. kelvin says

    I have replace my home computer, not the one in the office.

  3. How many screens?

  4. kelvin says

    The same two as before.

  5. asphodeline says

    Vista and lovely are not two words one often sees so close together!!

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