On the bridge of my nose

A week of spectacles


I suppose you could say that it has been a busy week on the bridge of my nose.

From the top, you can see:


  • The glasses that I started with. (Used to be chic)
  • The new retro-tech look for daywear and work. (Chic)
  • The new party glasses. (My goodness how chic is that Provost?)
  • The new prescription swimming goggles. (For the chic wet look)


  1. Elizabeth says

    So chic!

  2. Looking good. Was I right or was I right?

  3. The Party Set will go with the Red Cope and Chasuble set (next Palm Sunday perhaps?)

  4. kelvin says

    … and the goggles for baptisms …

  5. Splendid. Glad one of us has something to wear to the consecration.

  6. Zebadee says

    You are devloping a wonderful set of eyebrows. What will they look like in another thirty years?

  7. kelvin says

    Kimberly – if you needed something to wear for the consecration, why did you not come to Glasgow and look for something?

    Zebidee – I know exactly what the eyebrows might look like in 30 years time. Furthermore, I would be happy to give you instruction on how to deal with yours so that they don’t look like mine could look 30 years hence.

    Mother Ruth – my grateful thanks for beginning the train of thought which led to the new spectacles. Your purple Guccis did look good on my nose at the end of the Synod dinner, though they looked even better on the Primus.

  8. Moyra says

    You could, of course, go for a complete set of liturgical colours…

  9. Kelvin – there’s obviously something about the senior clergy wearing these red glasses. Looking at the Moray website and seeing them in the flesh, The Bishop of Moray-elect has just gone over to a similar pair! Are you by any chance related? I think we should be told!

  10. Very chic indeed.

  11. Paul Dunlop says

    Hey kelvin, I thought I’ve noticed a lovely new pair of spectacles today at church. They make you look more distinguished than usual!

    Paul x x

  12. uber chic 🙂

    guess this means I owe you a kilt pic lol

  13. kelvin says

    David – sorry your comment was lost in an anti-spam filter for a while.

    I’ve met the Strange Red Glasses in the flesh at Bob Gillies’s consecration.

    Red glasses are clearly what the best dressed scally eyed clergy person is wearing these days.

  14. I was going to make the same comment David made, red glasses seem to be the must have now!

    And prescription swimming goggles! I thought I’d seen it all….

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