PM at PQ

To Pacific Quay yesterday for the opening of the new BBC building. I was not actually opening it, you understand, merely there to witness the Prime Minister do so. It had not been generally known that the PM was going to be there, but I was alerted to the fact that something was going on when my taxi was stopped by a highly trained police squad. (The same pair who ride the same BMX bikes around Kelvingrove Park, I think). They wanted to know my bona fides and then finding them in order, told the taxi to stop short of the new building so that I could make my way on foot.

It is a windswept corner of town, that’s for sure.

Notwithstanding the rather boxy look of the new building, the inside is very interesting, with a huge rising ‘street’ going up over the main studio and right through the central atrium. Looks like it has been designed for people and a good place to work in.

At the given moment, the PM flicked a switch, which caused a glass sign to be illuminated. “Hurrah” cried the great and the good, for they knew that their champagne lunch awaited them.


  1. …and they were still at it at 10:35 if the background noise during the late evening Scottish news is anything to go by.

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