Attention Scottish Episcopal Bloggers

Now then SEC bloggers, could I have your attention for a moment.

The “new” SEC website has a page which links to SEC Bloggers and some guidelines are needed as to who should be included.

Below is an initial attempt to formulate something. Could I have responses please either in the comments below or via other methods as to whether anything should be added.

  • There should be an invitation on the website giving details of how to be included along with these guidelines.
  • People are listed by their real names.
  • Bloggers can be included if on their blogs they write fairly frequently (but not exclusively) about their experience of being an Episcopalian in Scotland.
  • Bloggers are not automatically included because they happen to be members of the church.
  • Anyone choosing to use their blog to attack, bully or harrass anyone faces having their listing removed by the website moderator.

Anything else?


  1. Is this heading towards rationalisation or what? What criteria, for example, did you use when creating your blogroll?

    Amen to the real names, BTW.

  2. I think Kelvin has offered a sensible list of criteria for a blog to be included on the provincial web site. The hardest one to quantify is about whether the blog is frequently about being an Episcopalian in Scotland, but it is worth including something to that effect, lest the Provincial web site be encumbered with Molly-cat’s blog on mousing (as yet, but a glint in her eye).

    The criteria each of us use for our blog roll doesn’t much matter. On a private blog, criteria for inclusion can be opaque or even arbitrary. On a Provincial Website, the process needs to be more transparent.

  3. Attack bully and harrass? Nah – tease, provoke and second guess. More likely. Hurrah for real names

    Raspberry P. Rabbit
    eldest son of Winifred and Nigel Rabbit
    Purveyors of fine Canadian Whiskey

  4. Good to see you affirming your name so clearly Fr Rabbit. I got very confused the other day when a member of your congregation called you by a misleading pseudonymn.

  5. Seems fine to me – and the Website Moderator becomes the person whose decision is absolutely final?

  6. I noticed this page only 2 days ago and I thought it had been up for a while, now I see it is actually quite new.

    I’m just getting back into the way of blogging. I do have a few posts about the Youth Week at Glenalmond but I think that is the extent so far.

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