Remedy du jour


Stay away.


  1. I have had Garlic Mash three times in the past week, and Garlic and Horseradish on a steak last night.

    I do not have a cold, so maybe it will work for you – or at least act as a preventative when am next at St Mary’s.

  2. Fiona says

    Kelvin, have you tried mulled wine?

    Sachets with the mulling spices in them shouldn’t be too hard to get hold of (try Peckhams). They look like little teabags. Add a dash of orange juice, maybe float a slice on top as well. : )

    It might not do much for your cold, but at least it’ll help you sleep, which is what you need right now — rest and fluids.

    Also worth trying is a Hot Toddy.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Roddy says

    Garlic’s not a bad idea. I’ve always found if I have a hot, garlic soaked, curry when I’ve got the lurgy I feel better.

  4. asphodeline says

    What you need is a hot curry followed by a hot bath!

    This man cold of yours is lingering on a bit or are you “milking” this illness??!!

  5. Andrew says

    What is a man cold? Don’t women get them too?

  6. kelvin says

    It seems to be a widely held view amongst women that men make much of their sufferings when they get a cold.

    There is an urban dictionary definition here.

    There are some who say that the female equivalent of a mancold is the flu, but I could not possibly comment.

  7. kelvin says

    If Ms Asphodeline is fed up of hearing about my poor state of health, presumably it will be quite a while before we hear anything about her own on livejournal.

  8. asphodeline says

    Haha, you know I’ll probably get the office lurgy now?!

    I hope you feel better soon. There’s nothing worse than a man with a cold


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