Thuribles of the week

And in the Thuribles of the Week awards,

  • The award for the Best Cartoon featuring a Thurible goes to ishkabibly.
  • The Theological Thurible award goes to JN1034. (With grateful thanks for much to ponder).
  • The Special Award for Spotting Thuribles in Stained Glass goes to Lawrence OP for this picture entitled Swinging Angel.

Swinging Angel


  1. The comments by JN1034 are very interesting especially considering the practice I observed in Hong Kong – see

  2. V Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, dear sibling in Christ: Thank you for bestowing upon us your esteemed Theological Thurible Award, albeit we’re far from worthy. Though we’re overcome by surprise of your kindness and gratitude, we hope that which we caused you to ponder are good things, all to the glory of the Triune One and of God’s gods. Considering that censing is a multi-millennia-old religious convention, we’ve a deep appreciation of thuribles in our shared traditions, and for their practical mystical expressions in the daily lives of the faithful. Censing marks our homes and families, our weeks and years, our lives and hearts, our Church and God. Censing is a constant element of our histories imprinting a sensual memory of the life of the whole incarnate Church, both at home and in our parishes. When we smell it in our local parishes, our olfactory senses read the aroma as homemade; everything connects; nothing in our world seems detached from God and from us; we transcend spacetime and the universe is one at that fragrant ephemeral instant. And if we smell incense in another’s home, or at a different parish, it all comes together as an unified moment, and we are home wherever we are. We pray God continues to bless you with grace and mercy as you lead your community at St Mary’s Cathedral. Remember us in your prayers. Yours in the shared service of Christ our Lord, JN1034+++

  3. Angels and thuribles, that reminds me, I have a rescue to plan. I wonder if my daughter left any camouflage paint!

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