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I’m back. Here we go again.

For those so desperate to know what I did on my holidays, I went to Dalmally and then Peebles to see some friends and St Andrews to see my parents and my niece. And yes, I had a lovely time.

So now you know. No need to inquire further.


  1. No Kelvin, I’m afraid this will not help. I can assure you that on Sunday you will have a hundred people asking if you had a nice holiday. This is not going to stop them, I’m afraid.

  2. OH, and you missed out the fabulous birthday you had!

  3. When you start the service with the welcome, or at the concluding notices you could inform the congregation that you have had a refreshing holiday.

    However most of them will ask you as you greet them at the west end prior to the service.

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