Ecumenical Websites (Sex and Gargoyles)

Two ecumenical websites to report on and draw to people’s attention. Ecumenical websites seem to be all the rage at the moment, but like a lot of ecumenical things, it is hard to focus people’s attention on them.

Firstly, This one has things for Christians to do. Quite a lot of C of S content on there at the moment. Having teased the C of S earlier in the week, let me point people towards the downloads section dealing with the way the C of S is dealing with the Usual Topic. Head on over to the Sexuality Recources section to pick up the stuff that the C of S is using to discuss and debate. Very good it is too. Puts us to shame. A piscified version of the resource pack for congregations would be excellent – just what we need to do.

Secondly, those involved in caring for gargoyles and other aspects of looking after church buildings should head over to It feels a bit clunky to me and there is not much on it yet but at least it is a start. Good to see that we can do this kind of work together with the C of S, the Catholics and Historic Scotland. There must be hope after all.

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