Scottish Episcopal Flickr

I’m pleased to announce the existence of a flickr group for the Scottish Episcopal Church.

It is open to anyone, not just members of the church; the only criteria are that photos shared with the group are of church events or buildings or people. Tourists passing by, you’re welcome. The group’s guidelines are over here.

There is a chance that we might wish to reuse images posted to the group for publicity purposes, so if you could ensure they’re highest resolution, good quality and reusable under an appropriate Creative Commons license, we would be grateful!

Many thanks to Tim for creating the group. SEC Bloggers – it would be very helpful if you could copy this note at repost on your own blogs. Let’s make this viral.


  1. Good to know the church is joining the Web 2.0 revolution.

  2. OK — but do we need to be careful here? Should we be posting pictures of other people without their permission in a public group?

    (says the person who hates pictures, and was alarmed to find one of herself as the first of the lot)

  3. kelvin says

    The flickr SEC group is a way of gathering pictures (by tagging them with a label) that have already been published on flickr.

    My own view is that a someone posing for pictures at their institution sevice has already given consent for those pictures to be taken and that it is not unreasonable for public figures to be recorded doing public things.

    There are circumstances where it is important to ask permission of someone, but the SEC group on Flickr is simply a label by which pics posted elsewhere might be found.

  4. Ah, so do you think one can refuse to pose at one’s institution?? It may be the memory of acute discomfort then that makes me uncomfortable now.

    I guess we all have our own limits of how far this public world of the internet should go, and flickr probably pushes mine.

  5. kelvin says

    I do recognise that I am unusual in enjoying being photographed. I had a lovely quiet hour being photographed in church recently, and it was like spending an hour in meditation.

    All the same I don’t think that anyone in public life can escape being photographed. It is true that you can’t really refuse to be photographed at an institution – that is the nature of the occasion.

  6. You are so like Tilly. We haven’t had a photo of her for a while.

  7. kelvin says

    Madam has retired from public life.

  8. Kimberly: people are the complex part of the guidelines. 😉
    Well, kids are out. No photos of those.
    I’d weigh it up on grounds of publicity. If you’re outdoors in public there is no expectation of privacy and anyone may take your photo. I would also say that public figures serve more use by having reasonable photos visible than not. However, the more indoors, or the more identifiable a congregation member, or the more private the function, the less I’d expect to see the results in the group.

  9. I have now linked some of my St Mary’s group pictures to this group. The Very Rev owner of this blog, with his Most Rev spritual guide is shown at the St Mary’s Nave Altar during Midnight Mass last year.

  10. …..and just check out the twinkling candles. 😉

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