Chapel going

BTW, I’m preaching in the Chapel in the University of Glasgow tomorrow morning. Service starts at 11 am. This can be witnessed either live and in person, or live online.

The Chapel has a live web-stream which seems to operate day and night.

Try it out here.


Here is the Order of Service


  1. Wow, that “all the time live” thing is neat! I find myself staring at it as it is right now (it’s 9:45 PM on the US east coast; so I’m betting it’s about fifteen til 4 AM there?) and wondering. How would anyone feel comfy going there to pray? 🙂 Or more prosaically, will I see a ghost or something?? How intensely cool. On so many levels. 🙂 Thanks for posting the Link!

  2. Andrew says

    I displayed the web stream from to chapel and found a service in progress. Alas! the readings from the lectern were completely inaudible.

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