The question is not whether it is appropriate for McDonalds to offer A Level qualifications.

The question is whether or not anyone has yet asked McDonalds to validate the training of ordinands.


  1. MacDonald’s is a very different beast in the States than in Britain. In the states, they are clean and fast. They systematically train teenagers to be responsible employees and ‘talent spot’ the best of them (often kids who hate school) to become managers. Once they commit to a young person, so long as that person works well, they will give them all the training they need till they reach whatever level in the company suits them. The result is well trained innovative young people who are loyal to the company because they have been treated well and helped to grow.

    Now, that’s a bit rosy (and ignores the multinational nasties bit of it), but true to what I’ve seen of local franchises at their best.

    I could think of worse places to seek TISEC validation…

  2. Will a McDonalds qualification be a pre-requiste for all Eucharist Assistants? 😉

  3. Tim Edwards says

    It would certasinly provide ideas for managing the queue at Eucharist…the ultimate Happy Meal?

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