I was told by someone who works in the education sector that access to this blog is banned in Glasgow schools, using a software censorship package.

Firstly, anyone else able to report the same, either in Glasgow schools or elsewhere?

Secondly, discuss.


  1. kelvin says

    It is worth noting as I raise this topic that I have, over the last few years, banned 2 people from posting comments on this blog.

  2. Does being recognized as dangerous not allow to to tick another thing of your to-do list?

  3. apart from your blog taking a bit longer to load today than usual, I can’t see why an censorship package might ban your site.

  4. Sorry, that sounded like the page loading time reflected your bann-ibility. These are 2 separate thing.
    1) Your page took long too load today. just a remark.
    2) I can’t see why it should be blocked. My work bans a lot of sites, but most have a “naughty word” in them or are social networking sites.

  5. Yup, banned here too, Kelvin – even the merest association with Mad Priest and/or pornograpahy is enough to alert the mighty Webmarshall!

  6. Andrew CJ says

    Oh, dear! Fame is at your door… What if the ‘papers now find out that the Cathedral’s Provost himself is deemed too seditious. That must be it: they think you are seditious.

    But from a newshound point of view, this story would be too good to ignore. Would you not want to explore the possibilities?! Just think of all the additional and exploding internet traffic that would thus be generated onto your site. And the Google ads might then really be to your advantage…

  7. kelvin says

    On reading these comments, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that I was an attention seeker.

  8. Zebadee says

    Kelvin. You could never be thought of as an attention seeker. Where did this idea come from? Such an idea is truly shocking.

    Like the rest of you shy family you are far too shy for such a thought to be attributed to yourself.

    The next time I have an audience with our wise advisor from Argyle I must enquire where such a thought could have come from.

  9. Zebadee, you know the rules: like father like son.

    Love from Argyll, to you and the recently elder Mrs Z (sorry I missed it.)

  10. I’m banned on NHS computers – but then anybody on Blogger is banned there.

  11. My mum says practically everything is banned on NHS computers. Is the NHS firewall worse than schools?
    Proxy websites my friend, that’s what you need….unless like Tesco CSC the webmaster has blocked them too….

  12. Zebadee says


    As always you are correct.

    Quiet, shy retiring etc etc.

    What more can one say?

  13. Most educators (except in East Lothian) find that many good things are banned – Flickr, blogs, Skype, facebook – despite their efforts to introduce social networking into their pedagogy. It is a constant gripe among the wired. You probably mentioned something seriously dangerous at some point – a word such as “sex” or even “gender”.

  14. kelvin says

    And here was me thinking that it was because I’ve been rude about LCM.

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