Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Services at 1230 and at 1930. Allegri Miserere and some Palestrina in the evening. Ashes at both.

As usual, everyone who turns up, belongs. All Welcome.

[Ruth notes that she has the lemon ready. This is directly related to me saying to the servers on Sunday – “Mind and bring the salmon sandwiches for Ash Wednesday now, don’t forget”. You can tell that Mother Portobello and I were trained in the details of Ash Wednesday liturgies by the same person].


  1. Is it a sin to eat pancakes on Ash Wednesday with the left-over lemon?

  2. kelvin says

    If you squeeze your leftover lemon onto your pancakes, you will discover that you have ash and lemon flavoured pancakes. This is all the disincentive that you need.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Salmon sandwiches???

  4. Not sure, about the salmon sandwiches, but many more at this evening’s service could have necessitated the “unused” brown bread being consecrated as the sacrament for distribution at communion.

    “unused” – not having been used for cleaning ash from Fr Provost’s fingers.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Bread and lemons as cleaning supplies? This is new to me . . .

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