Every picture tells a story

By and large, I’ve tried not to be a diet bore over the last year and not blog about the big weight loss campaign.

However, before and after photographs are now looking rather dramatic.

I rather like looking at these two pics side by side:



The one on the left was taken about a year ago and the other about 10 days ago.

Every picture tells a story.


  1. If I weren’t paying attention, I could easily see the photo on the left and not recognize you. Whereas the other one, madam butterfly, is you through and through.

  2. Andrew says

    How did you do it? Please tell us.

  3. kelvin says

    > How did you do it?

    Andrew, if you mean how did I lose some weight, I did it the old fashioned way by eating less and doing more exercise. (Specifically swimming at the Arlington Baths Club.

    If you mean how did I get pretty models in bridal attire to kiss me on both cheeks, I guess that must just be magnetism. (Or attention seeking).

  4. Zebadee says


    Attention seeking. This is hard to imagine but why cannot you be like the rest of your family quiet, shy and retiring people who never put their ‘heads above the parapet’?

  5. David says

    I think it may have been the chic glasses that did it

  6. Anonymous says

    Well done you! was 40 the catalyst

  7. Kelvin, you look wonderful! xxxxxx

  8. kelvin says

    Oh, someone noticed that I’ve got new glasses. That’s good. I was starting to think they had passed everyone by.

    40 was something of a catalyst. A doctor once told me that people rarely lose any weight after 40 and another doctor told me that bad things were likely to come my way if I did not lose some.

    However, they have invented excellent diet aids these days which worked better than any doctor’s warnings for me – they are called mirrors.

    The last time I was this shape was just before my ordination, when I was in Sweden, pretending to be a TISEC student.

  9. asphodeline says

    Ooh, that’s a real Kelvin pic on the right – glamorous and glitzy and in the spotlight!!

    I’ve been hearing about he weightloss, congratulations. I’d better not put here what I said to parent person though. Along lines of whether there was particular reason!!

  10. Roddy says


    Could I please have back the tapeworm you clearly stole from me last year. He appears to have done his work and I need him myself…

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