Bishop Joe Devine

What is the best way to respond to the RC Bishop of Motherwell’s reported comments about the Scottish Gay Conspiracy?

Bishop David has had a go at making a response, and I welcome that.

I had lunch with my nearest local RC priest yesterday who is warm, friendly and reasonable. Such a contrast to what is reported as having come from Bishop Devine in recent days.

So, how to respond. Is it nature or nurture? Where is the science in all of this?

Have a look at this video and make your own mind up.



  1. Joe may be many things, but Divine ain’t one of them. At the risk of being accused of pedantry (who, me?) his surname is Devine.

    Speaking to colleagues at work regarding this in the past few days, one of whom like me is originally from Motherwell albeit also like me he is not a Roman Catholic, it seems that the not so Divine Joe is widely regarded amongst the populace (RC and not RC) as a nasty piece of work. Or a complete tosser to put it into the vernacular easily understood by us working class lads from t’pit area.

    On the subject of nature, nurture, science etc, frankly I don’t care. Gay, straight, or any combination of the above, I take people as I find them and if I like them I like them and if not then I probably won’t be their friend. It makes no difference to me what sexual orientation someone is unless in the specific scenario that I happen to be looking to have sex with them, and in that case it so happens that they need to be heterosexual and female. Well, female anyway!

  2. Eamonn says

    Why should the science matter? Whether a person’s orientation is genetically determined or the result of choice, we must respect people’s freedom to be themselves, and accept them as God accepts them.

  3. kelvin says

    Thanks for the spellcheck, Layclerk – correction made.

  4. paul morrison says

    Very amusing video. The Devine miss J is an is a bitter and twisted old sod! ahem!

  5. David Gothika says

    Bishop Devine is an effeminate sounding man. He wears frocks, has no interest in sleeping with women and has an obsession with homosexuality. Need I go on……

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