Introducing Nick Cox

I meant to say last week that I had a very pleasant hour and a half with Nick Cox. He is the lay rep at St Silas, our nearest (well, geographically!) Episcopal neighbours. We had a good conversation about things that matter.

Anyway, he keeps a blog which can be found here:

Go check him out. Be nice to him. He plays rugby.


  1. Ryan Dunne says

    I read and comment on some of the St.Silas blogs although, unlike yours Kelvin, they sadly *don’t* feature gay dating “sponsored links” ;-).

  2. kelvin says

    Just give it time, Ryan.

  3. Ryan Dunne says

    Yeah, I couldn’t resist posting a gleeful comment on David McCarthy’s blog when I read Rowan Williams comments on Auden in the free Guardian booklet. The Archbishop linked Auden’s (same!) sexuality with his return to Anglican Christianity and accepted it as restorative. If I ever get a boyfriend I’ll of course be leaving St.Silas for your good selves…

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