Mitre over the parapet moments

There have been a few (episcopal) head over the parapet moments recently that should not go unspotted.

Firstly, Bishop Idris’s interview on Good Friday. (I was too occupied listening to Fr Primus preaching on Good Friday that I did not spot it at the time). It can be found here.

Then there was Bishop Robert’s piece in the Scotsperson challenging the idea that the only possible Christian view on embryo research is that held by Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brian. It can be found here. Reportage here.

Just so that he does not feel left out, let us list Bishop David’s response to Bishop Devine. It can be found here. Worth listing again, as an interesting discussion got going in the comments. I’m very pleased that the SEC blogging connections are leading to such conversation.

Seems to me that all those mitre over the parapet contributions have been thoughtful, measured and well made and all are to be welcomed.


  1. Thanks for linking +David’s post. I’d read it, and the first few comments, but missed that later discussion. It represents a new level of blog dialogue in the SEC, I think.

  2. Who’ll be next, do you think?

  3. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the episcopal summary – I take back my previous criticisms about the bishops. They are being rather splendidly thoughtful at the moment. As was Archbish Sentamu on Radio 4’s question time 🙂

  4. Kelvin – thanks for your linking and attention-drawing activities. It’s hard not to be aware that there is a common thread linking all of those ‘over the parapet’ contributions – which is that the tone of recent contributions from our Catholic colleagues has been unfortunate. But now that we seem to have some momentum, I hope we can move on to be a bit more successful at shaping an agenda rather than simply responding to others.

  5. What’s the clergy equivalent of a mitre over the parapet?

    A biretta over the altar?

  6. …only when it is snowing!!

  7. I can see snow on Cruachan. Birettas may be worn.

    (See number 79 of my 100 things if you’ve no idea what Stewart is alluding to).

  8. I am afraid the discussion with +David on his blog came to a sad end….have another look!

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