Whilst I am gone

Whilst I am away, you should be looking for other blogs to read.

[I’m golden eagle spotting in Argyll, BTW, and the total today is 1 golden eagle spotted].

Have a read at Kate’s blog a telling place – she’s on my blogroll. What Kate has to say is worth reading in itself, but you should also check out the wonderful Carol Ann Duffy poem she posted today.

I’ll be back to normal later this week.


  1. Is eagle-watching a coped activity? They might just be fooled…

  2. Wow, Kelvin. Such nice words – thank you! Glad you liked the poem. It’s one of my favourites. Enjoy the eagle spotting!

  3. Zebadee says

    Eagle watching a coped activity? Would this not drive the eagles away from Argyll? Should we not inform the RSPB? We used to watch one every day when on holiday in Arran a truly wonderful sight.

  4. Golden eagle <> golden cope (aka the cope of glory).

  5. Zebadee says

    Does Kelvin see himself as a Goldern Eagle or a Kingfisher?

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