We are invited doon the watter

Those who are part of the Scottish Episcopal Church blogging community (ie bloggers and those who comment) are invited doon the watter on 17 May 2008 for Bloggers and Bluebells with Kimberly who writes Wonderful Exchange. Looks fun.

Those who lurk have only to comment to be part of the party. De-lurk, de-lurk whoever you are.

Consider this as your invitation and pass the news on.


  1. Muriel says

    I do not blog (well not yet anyway) but I do comment on things which interest me. The bluebell afternoon in Dunoon does sound attractive – but we shall be in Orkney that same weekend looking at old ruins. There is no connection between these two statements I can assure you.

    The other thing is that I hate it when no one adds a comment to the subjects that the Provost writes about – ESPECIALLY when it an invitation. You should be ashamed of yourselves……..

    I have waited a day or two to see if anyone else would respond but so far the score has been:


  2. Muriel, a number of people have responded to the initial invitation on my blog, which may explain the silence here.

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