Car Stickers

Car Sticker

Hurrah! Scottish Episcopal Car Stickers. At last! We have cried in the wilderness (and in the Information and Communications Board), “How long, O Lord, how long?”

Our prayers have been heard. Note that the sticker contains a subliminal message designed to make people believe that if that actually encounter the SEC then they will be welcome therein. Clever huh?

You would almost think we had a mission strategy.

[hair by Ruby Skies, tie by Mark Westwood, cathedral by Gilbert Scott, car – model’s own]


  1. Kennedy says

    But where do we locate such an object of desire?

    (No, Kelvin…..the car sticker).


  2. …. as distributed in all the best General Synod Offices.

  3. Cloud effects by Our Lord (one of your cathedral team has a passion for cloud effects).

    ….and where do we get the tie or maybe not 😉

  4. That is the tie of the moment. Hands off.

  5. Ryan Dunne says

    I had never before noticed that even the *ties* of high church types are fetching ;-).

  6. hair- fabulous
    tie- gorgeous
    cathedral- divine

    commenter- jealous

  7. Ryan – the phrase “salvation by good taste” is seldom uttered in vain.

    Actually, the tie and the red in the sticker clash horribly, but we will let that pass.

    Do I look as though I’ve just come back from having been bought lunch in Fifi and Ally’s?

  8. Yes, you do indeed. But the tie is vile. Do not fool yourself into thinking that it is gorgeous. Other men may like the tie but you really should ask more women for their opinion. (On second thoughts, why should you?!)

  9. No Mother Ruth, the tie is an ironic retro-pastiche of vile, which is quite, quite different. It is also not quite so bright in real life. Indeed, it looks a little as though the bolt of material that it is cut from has been quietly fading away in a cupboard since 1971. This is exactly how it should be.

    Do men ever wear ties to impress women?

    Get with the vibe.

  10. Tom Allen says

    Interesting bit of missiology in the covert message. It fascinates me that I would be instinctively very wary of any person or group that offered to “welcome” me – tour guides, welcomers at stately homes ( and English Cathedrals1) – and yet somehow the Church advertises this as the core of what we do or are. Is it really what we do as our mission? Similarly my kids think that the fish signs found on cars are warning signs for slow drivers or people who don’t know where they are going! I think the tie is stunning – and that comes from a rabid tie hater who hasn’t worn one for over 10 years!

  11. I hope your pic gets picked up by “Inspires”, although the tie is somewhat uninspirational! We can all now be labelled as Piskies, in the same sort of style as the bishops were on the Listening Day!

  12. Ryan Dunne says

    Actually, I thought of a young Edwin Morgan en route to a wine bar…

  13. Ours reads:


  14. Thank you all for your comments

    Now, where is that wine bar where the young Edwin Morgan is about to hold court…

  15. Now if only I had a car….

  16. The ‘welcomes you’ has a long history, and right now is a sign of solidarity with Episcopalian across the pond. I’ve always enjoyed the deep similarity in our pub-signs. In the States you find them at the town line so that as you drive along, you get a double message at each boundary: one of which tells you where you are (‘Durham town line’) and the other tells you where you should go (‘The Episcopal Church welcomes you. — (shield) — St Mark’s, South Main Street.)

  17. I agree 100% with Tom Allen’s kids about the fish sign. It means give the vehicle a wide berth, and when I see it I usually automatically think the words “oh no, there’s that bloody fish!”.

    Posted with no apologies to any drivers on this august forum who display said piscine. What’s life if you can’t stereotype people! 😉

    Oh and by the way Kelvin, I’m sure I saw a tie shaped gap cut from the flock wallpaper of the Koh-i-Noor Indian restaurant recently that looks suspiciously familiar now that I’ve seen your photo!

  18. And I forgot to say, I trust they don’t do the stickers for motorcycles. Hopefully.

  19. “The Scottish Episcopal Church Welcomes Bikers”

    Excellent suggestion Layclark. I’ll make sure you get the first.

    That tie does seem to sort the men out from the boys, doesn’t it?

  20. David Wostenholm says

    For over 30 years, since Pat McBryde & I returned from New York with a bumper sticker “PRAY THE ROSARY”, I’ve wanted the longer bumper sticker: “EPISCOPALIANS HAVE MORE FUN”. Where can we get them made?

  21. “The Scottish Episcopal Church will take your request for membership under advisement”

    I prefer to get references first

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