Normal Service is Resumed

I’m back from my retreat.

I’ve had a great time away. I was on a clergy retreat. The topic was priesthood. The venue was Spain. The sun shone and I was with a great group of people.

I’ll not be blogging further about the retreat because it was, well, it was a retreat.

However, when I’ve repacked my suitcase and got myself over to that Edinburgh, there is a synod to be had, and I do hope to be blogging from there.

Normal service is now resumed.


  1. welcome back Kelvin. I’ve a suggestion for you re. the sermon’s you post here. Would it be possible to include details of the readings for that sunday; or can you direct me to a site that would give the readings in the Anglican cycle? I really enjoyed reading the sermon for 1st June but do not know what passage from Romans you are refering to. The historical weight you put behind it in reference to the reformation makes it something i’m intrigued by.

    P xx

  2. ChickPea says

    Glad to hear the sun shone for you all. Welcome back. Enjoy synod..

  3. vicky says

    Welcome back Kelvin. Keep your chin up during Synod 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says

    Welcome home! Glad to hear Spain was Spain and sun was sun and all that good stuff. Looking forward to synod news . . .

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