Online at Synod

Having made rather a fuss about the lack of internet access in the General Synod Hall (aka Palmerston Place Chuch), I was delighted to find that wifi access had been enabled this year. However, it soon transpired that my own computer was the only one in the room which refused to connect to the wifi system. Thus, this post comes courtesy of the computer of Fr Kirsten of East Kilbride.

From my point of view, the most interesting thing in yesterday’s synod was the way we dealt with Motion 3 – that is the one which asked us to affirm that it agreed in principle with the idea of a Covenant in the Anglican Communion. It was a close run thing, but synod chose not to affirm this, but rather, amended the motion to affirm that we wanted to remain a part of the discussions instead. Having been asked to affirm the Covenant, synod chose to do something else.

It was exactly the kind  of compromise I was hoping for and which I referred to in an earlier post.


  1. One could argue that you should be paying attention / contributing to the debates that you are attending rather than posting to your blogs during the day, and posting to your blog at the when Synod is not in session.

    Unless of course the WiFi is disabled during debates and reports, and enabled when business if finished for the day (morning coffee, etc)

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