Synod Eucharist

Just to report the success of yesterday’s great innovation¬†– we had the main Synod Eucharist in the place where we meet rather than in the Cathedral Church of St Mary (Edinburgh) just down the road.

Yesterday’s service was splendid. James Macmillan’s lovely mass setting rang around the synod hall. The bishops huddled in splendour around the altar.

Fr Primus’s charge to the synod is online elsewhere. Some of it seemed to be a plea for the bishops to be given greater leaway to exercise their authority in the church. Odd then that they did not wear mitres.

One distraction from true worship at this year’s general synod is the floral display which bedecks the platform. The red and pink clash with Episcopal shirts.

And they are not real.

(The flowers, not the bishops).


  1. so was that a fake petal on the carpet? suspect its only part fake. but you’re right … it does not look particularly episcopal.

  2. Are the flowers, like the quilted dove pulpit fall, not a sign of a lively spirit of ecumenism?

    The eucharist was indeed much better this year — not least in the choice of hymns.

  3. Investigation has taken place.

    The flowers are definately fake. I’m unsure what Mother Dunoon is suggesting with her comment that ecumenism might be best represented by the wilted dove and the flowers of fakery.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Er, what about all the flowers of fakery that abound in other locales? People with silk displays shouldn’t throw pollen?

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