I’m so glad I posted that announcement on Sunday. In conversation with someone else in the diocese yesterday about it, I discovered that another church was also making plans to have the visiting bishops on 13 July in the evening. A mix-up has led to the same event being planned in two different churches at the same time. Futher investigations reveal that the organisers had switched the venue to St Margaret of Scotland, Newlands a while ago.

So, the invite on 13 July is to St Margaret’s, not to St Mary’s. Same event, same bishops, same invitation to all. I expect to be there (they have built a bridge over the river, now, I hear) and we will not hold any Evening service in St Mary’s on that date.

Conspiracy theorists please note that this decision had been taken before +Gene’s visit here had been fixed.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Several bridges in fact!

  2. Several bridges? No!

  3. Kelvin, I am sure that you will be able to find your way across the Clyde by one of the bridges (or even under the Clyde by one of the tunnels).

  4. Elizabeth says

    I know, it’s incredible – but it’s true!

  5. I’ve heard of a ferry at Renfrew – I was wondering if that might be the best option…

  6. John Penman says

    Ferry? To Newlands from Renfrew? Has global warming really got that bad in Glasgow? I’d take the train to be eco friendly.

  7. Oh, is Newlands a long way from Renfrew?

    Newlands, Renfrew, Brighton etc – I just confuse all those places south of the river.

    They have trains then? Excellent.

  8. have you considered a litter? with thurifer leading the way, of course.

  9. I might consider a palanquin so long as it was not too ostentatious.

    Thurifers walking backwards?

  10. Why not walk down the the SEC, location of the Glasgow Heliport and be transported by helicopter to Newlands – abseiling down in your Cope of Glory.

    Thurible hanging beneath the helicopter sensing your route.

  11. I think this is getting far too silly.

    No, the obvious thing to so is to form up outside the Cathedral and process. If there really is a bridge, there will be no problem.

  12. Laurence Roberts says

    I feel very disappointed if it means Gene won’t preside at the Cathedral. It is the symbolism. (Maybe I got it wrong. Hope so.)

    Why do anglican liberals so often disappoint ? By failing to deliver on their rhetoric ?

    Question to self : Will I never learn ?

  13. No Laurence. +Gene will preside at St Mary’s Cathedral on 3 August.

    The bishops who are invited to hospitality in the diocese (ie the 8 visiting bishops who are invited to Lambeth by Rowan Williams) will be attending a special evensong on 13 July. It is this service which is going to be in St Margaret’s, Newlands.

    Sorry you’ve been disappointed in the past. However, no change on the +Gene situation here.

  14. Laurence Roberts says

    oh great ! I’m made up ! Thanks for troubling to sort me out !

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