Promoting Weddings (again)

Is there no limit to how far St Mary’s will go in promoting weddings?

(That statement was merely rhetorical, I think we already know that the answer to that question is no).

This week it was the turn of the choir, which made an appearance on Fr Brian D’Arcy’s Sunday Half-Hour which took weddings as its theme.

Quick now. This link will expire on Sunday.


  1. St Mary’s needs to keep the visibilty high – which exhibition do you intend to go to next, Kelvin?

    How do you target getting weddings into the Cathedral in Spring 2009 and Spring 2010?

  2. agatha says

    I know/guess? you are being lighthearted but you would be better promoting marriage than weddings. Any fool can have a wedding, a marriage is hard (but rewarding) work.

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