And in local news…

And in local news, it is a busy weekend. Here at St Mary’s tomorrow morning we have the second of our festival Sundays. In the morning we welcome the Egidionchor of Nürnberg. I heard them rehearsing yesterday and they sounded fantastic. The music tomorrow is a bit calmer and more thoughtful than last week’s Haydn jamboree and very beautiful.

Choral Evensong at 1830, of course. It is a Howells & Rheinberger fest, with Cullen responses for me to get my voice around.

In the afternoon, I’ll probably be going along to the Gibson Street Fair. The weather forecast is poor for this, so it is good that there are some indoor activities such as those which are listed on St Silas’s weekly leaflet. They are offering massage, contemplation area and the chance to be listened to. Sounds great.

Meanwhile, tonight we’ve got jazz at St Mary’s. John Surman and Howard Moody. Again, I caught a bit of the rehearsal and was blown away. Kickoff is at 7.30.

Also over the next couple of days, the St Mary’s LGBT group has its next meeting. Bishop Idris has kindly agreed to meet with us. Anyone who is happy to meet under the LGBT banner, who would like to be there is welcome, including those from any churches in the diocese which don’t have an LGBT group meeting with +Idris at this time. More details from me via the contact page.

Wednesday, it is dance.

Its all happening, isn’t it?


  1. I’ll be at the LGBT event, although I do worry that the fact that I’ve never been before will make me look like some sort of Bishop groupie 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, Ryan. We are all Bishop groupies in an Episcopal church.

  3. Mt word, I’ve never heard of Cullen responses. Are they local?

  4. Hi Can Bass 1. The Cullen responses were new to me too.

    They are not local. Joseph Cullen is the Chorus Director of the London Symphony Chorus and the Huddersfield Choral Society, I think.

    His responses are fab but not easy from my point of view. The cantor/priest is repeatedly put in the exciting position of having to go from hearing e major and c# major chords back into e minor. The repeating note is rather low for me and by the time we got to the collects last night, seemed just a shade lower than it ought to have been.

    I’d describe them as rather lush and to be pulled out for a special occasion. We are doing them next week too.

  5. Whilst I’m not wishing to come across all parochial all of a sudden, they could be considered slightly local, as Joe Cullen was born in Glasgow, studied at the RSAMD, and was formerly linked to St Mary’s Cathedral. I can’t remember his exact role, it was I think around the time my own links with the place started which was, ahemm, over 25 years ago, but I think he may have been in the choir, or an assistant organist of some sort, or maybe just around as a “friend” of the choir, or a friend of someone in the choir.

    Sorry to be so vague, and apologies if my memory is a bit hazy. It’s the drink dont’cha know. I’ll have one later and then I’ll be fine!

    And yes, I agree with Kelvin, they are good responses, and I’m looking forward to singing them next Sunday.

  6. Great to be re-visiting Joe Cullen’s Responses ! Yes, Layclerk, you are right – Joe Cullen sang with us, tho fairly briefly as a ‘regular’, with a few subsequent visits back to us. (I could probably tell you which cassock he wore !). Particularly helpful that our Director of Music has been in cahoots with him to finally clarify the doubtful bits and so enable production of a readable edition (thank you, FW, and AF, for producing these). Seriously – if you haven’t heard these Responses, and are along on Sunday evening, you’ve a treat in store !

  7. The Cullen Responses were written for the wedding of two members of Capella Nova which took place in St Mary’s circa 1982, both these singers having been briefly in the choir. I will remember their names when it has ceased to matter. I do remember, however, that the ink was hardly dry on the hastily handwritten copies (the current version has been revised).
    I also remember at the reception afterwards, a group of us concocting ever more fanciful chants, the only given being that the alto part should not deviate from an E. Drink had been taken.
    D of M, and Mrs D of M also took part in this musical extravaganza.

  8. PS – Do not confuse these Cullen Responses with a set of the same name sung in Aberdeen St Andrew’s Cathedral which were set by John Cullen, the Cathedral Organist in the 60s. Divided loyalties here, but the Aberdeen Cullens are rather more accessible than the Glasgow set.
    But I still can’t remember the name of the happy couple, anyway they’re probably long divorced.

  9. Chris and Vicky.

  10. Thanks Pam !

    Life is further enriched by each new piece of the ever-expanding all-perspectives jigsaw.

  11. Vicky says

    Hello Pam,
    Just came across this thread. The original setting was of the wedding responses written for our wedding at St Mary’s on 27th April 1985. Chris and I were founder members of Cappella Nova, but did sing at St Mary’s Choir once or twice. Frikki and Christine Walker also sang at our wedding. Am saddened by your somewhat cynical comment about us probably being long divorced. In fact we have just celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary, Have four children aged between 29 and 16 and two grand daughters with a third expected very soon. We live in North Wales now and Chris has been a layclerk at Chester Cathedral for some years. Our 16 year old was a chorister at Westminster Abbey and sang at the 2011 royal wedding. We were pleased that Alan Taverner brought the responses down with the Strathclyde Uni Chamber Choir recently the setting of the Amen brought back lots of memories. Best wishes to anyone who remembers us up there! Vicky

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