Gibson St Gala

Just back from St Silas Church. I’d been at the the Gibson St Gala. It is a great little street festival – much more fun, I think than the big parade which took place on Byers Rd last week. St Silas have a fantastic position for this one and were making the most of it with massage, cafe and lots of activities.

Met up with Nick and with Beat Attitude. I’d met Nick before, but not Beat. Isn’t blogging great? You find yourself in a place and feel you already know people well enough to being an interesting conversation. This afternoon we were talking about all the things that matter. Pews vs Chairs, Heaven vs Hell, Salvation and, well, you know, the usual topic.

I was really impressed with the St Silas operation this afternoon. Hospitality so slick that it felt relaxed and easy and welcoming.

The stuff in the comments on the blog this week has been so interesting, it made me wonder whether this was the time to get folk together from different perspectives to talk. Once upon a time I would have been wanting to get a study group organised. But maybe it is just happening anyway.

It is good to talk.

Now, a quick look at tonight’s music and off to choir practice.

More on this morning’s service later. These festival services are certainly bringing in the crowds.

I think I managed to record the sermon, so will post it either later or tomorrow when the music stops.

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