Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada

It was good to have Archbishop Fred Hiltz here this morning. He is the Primate of the Anglican Church fo Canada and along with all the rest of them is going down to the Lambeth Conference on Tuesday.

They are going by bus. Imagine, 12 Hours in a bus full of bishops and their spouses in July, and that  before the fun really gets going.

Anyway, I recorded Archbishop Fred and have put the sermon on the new website rather than on here.

I’ve put it under the spirituality menu heading at the top, though I dare say we could debate the hierarchy of those menus for many a happy day.

I think that we will keep comments here for now rather than enable them on the website, though that again is a judgement that could well be questionable.

One interesting aspect was that he got a turnout from the press. Someone from the Danish press was there to hear him ahead of an interview tomorrow. It was also reported to me that there was someone there from the Star.

“The Star!” I exclaimed in the manner not unlike Edith Evans playing Lady Bracknell.


Turned out to be the Toronto Star. Different paper altogether.


  1. Glad the event went ok; are you not worried about something like this happening for +Gene’s visit?

  2. Kelvin says

    Ryan, I actually find the sight of a large congregation boldly singing hymns in the face of homophobic abuse an astonishing affirmation which I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

    With God, we always live in a time of grace.

  3. David |Dah • veed| says

    Had I witnessed such a confrontation in person in one of our parishes, I would have found it frightening. As it was, just viewing the video of an event 6 times zones away, made me weep.

    Thank you Kelvin for your bold statement of reply.

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