Provost supports Bishop

I know, such a dull headline isn’t it.

However, sometimes we need to express our support and appreciation for the things our bishops do and the things our bishops say.

For example, just before he went off to Lambeth, +Idris (our bishop and primus) said this:

“The vision of our communion is that ‘The truth shall make you free’. Your bishops do not intend to return to you bound in any chains. Or bringing back any chains for you to get wrapped up in either.”

I can’t think of any way of interpreting that other than to assume that +Idris was talking about a proposed covenant and moratorium on consecrations.

I was glad to hear him say that. The Lambeth Conference will be drawing to a close over this weekend. Like Episcopalians up and down Scotland, I’m still praying for our bishops at Lambeth every day.

Provost supports Bishop, see.

Dull headline?


  1. “Both heretics, say angry evangelicals” 😉

    It just struck me: if all the bishops are in Lambeth, do you (or anyone else) get to act up for any really-need-a-bishop emergencies?

  2. In Scotland, the Dean of a diocese takes charge in the absence of the Bishop.

    NB to non-Scots – a Dean is dean of a diocese in Scotland, not a cathedral. Cathedrals are run by provosts, deans help bishops in the same kind of way that an Archdeacon operates in England.

    I think a Canon to the Ordinary does the same in the States. Is that right?

  3. -frank says

    “Or bringing back any chains for you to get wrapped up in either.”

    Well, that should be a disappointment for some.

  4. Robin says

    You may be interested in this gratuitous piece of arcane information, from C B Moss’s “The Christian Faith”, my confirmation class textbook:

    “The Church of Finland was part of the Church of Sweden till 1809 and is in the same position except that in 1884 the succession, which had been maintained till then, failed because all the three bishops died within a few weeks, and the Russian Government would not allow it to be renewed from Sweden. The Church of Finland had provided for this possibility by making a law that if the succession of bishops should ever fail, the Dean of Turku, the metropolitan see, should consecrate the new bishops; and this was done. Possibly it might be argued that in passing this law the Church of Finland had given episcopal power to be used in case of emergency to all the clergy.”

    I wonder – did the General Synod stop to think what would happen if all the Scots Bishops were killed at Lambeth? And since we don’t have a metropolitan see, which Dean (or Provost) should we have chosen to continue the Succession?

  5. Visiting your blog is always so exciting, Kelvin.
    Picture: shaking hands. Title: Provost supports Bishop. Text: NONE…. does this mean P is still wondering about if he will support B, P is still thinking what to write re supporting B, P maybe DOESN’T support B at all……..
    oooohhhhhh……….. HERE it is ! (……Sorry !) (HA!)
    But – NOT a dull headline AT ALL – good to know this, especially in the current light of Lambeth and the current state of Anglicanism, and re things in Glasgow just a very few years ago…. I’m all for colleagues trying to work/pull together, and to be seen to do so….. it’s kinda positive…..

    PS. I assume (hope) you still have ‘read first then delete’ activated – NOT expecting this one to publish !

  6. How wonderful that the Provost CAN support his bishop! And these days it is not a dull topic at all. Not all of us have bishops we can support for various reasons. I am glad that you can and do.

    Please pray for those of us who cannot support our bishop’s actions or statements because they have chosen a path that is inconsistant with the Gospel and cut off any possibility of dialogue.

  7. John the organist says

    Yes we live in exciting but sad times! The Anglican church is tearing itself apart and that is sad.

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