Help needed

At the moment, I think that St Mary’s is one of the most exciting churches in the UK. This year, we’re meeting people like John Bell, James MacMillan, Richard Coles and Gene Robinson. (Did I mention that +Gene is here on Sunday?). We are also having exciting happenings like the art installations called Stations of Grace which will fill the church in early November. Every week the worship is that fascinating blend of excellent music, preaching to make you think and a compelling ethos which is open, inclusve, welcoming and good humoured.

I want to be able to share some of this excitement with the wider world and want to use the church website more effectively. That means sharing some more of what we already do online and also starting to use it in new ways, for example by providing teaching and reflective articles about prayer, Christian life and action and the different ways in which we read the Bible.

I’ve done my bit, redeveloping the basic site so that different kinds of content can be added much more easily than used to be possible. I have good web skills and so I’ve been snatching a few hours here and there to get the site ready and now it has gone live. That much has cost nothing.

However there are costs involved in taking it up a stage further. The next aim is to use video online and that costs money both for technology and bandwidth.

I was wondering whether you could be of any assistance.

I’m estimating that this stage of the website project will cost about £2000. Can anyone either from within St Mary’s or further afield help out?

Small donations are as welcome as large ones.

If you can help, please go to this special page where donations can be made online.

Any chance of doing it now?

You want to see +Gene as well as hear him, don’t you?

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