Gene Robinson on blogging

Here’s a wee treat and a promise before I finally fall into the slumbers of a happy but exhausted provost.

I got the chance of a chat with +Gene before the service this morning. Here is a snippet of the conversation. It is all you are getting tonight but there is more where this came from.

I’ll be putting up other things as the week goes on.

[As before, if you are having problems hearing the audio of this clip in Firefox try another browser].

Don’t forget – to do this kind of thing, I need your help.


  1. and speaking of blogging about today, Fr. Jonathan (MadPriest) has told us of his journey up to Glasgow to join you today.

    the rest of us are rather jealous and wish that we had been there, too.

  2. Madly, I read the sense of the first sentence as fall into the *arms* of a happy but exhausted provost ,and thought that you had went ahead and posted your suggested personal ad :-).

  3. Thank you and goodnight! (and no probs on Firefox as far as this is concerned)

  4. Brilliant! Looking forward to more, hope you had a great rest after a great day!

    Here via Mad Priest and TheMeThatIsMe, both of whom were right there with you in church. Lucky lads.

  5. Paul from Toronto says

    Keep up the good work. I had no problems seeing & hearing +Gene clearly
    using my Firefox browser.


  1. […] EFORE He preached this AM, Bishop Gene Robinson sat down with the Provost of the Glasgow Cathedral and discussed – among other things, I’m sure – blogging. […]

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