Sunday Afternoon – and relax

What a fantastic morning we had at St Mary’s. A few glum looking protesters stood outside the church bearing hateful banners whilst hundreds streamed into the warmth and light of the morning Eucharist.

In many ways, it was business as normal. A larger crowd than normal, but it was us being who we are at our best – open, inclusive and welcoming.

I’ll be posting more online later. Before I go off and lie down in a darkened, I must say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this weekend. To those who planned and prepared the worship this morning, to those who turned out and sang their hearts out at yesterday’s civil-partnership blessing, to the servers who made everything run smoothly and introduced +Gene to clotted cream and welshcakes, to everyone who has travelled and all who were there – thank you. We are a congregation I’m glad to be part of and a congregation I am proud to lead.

This weekend, we have been exactly who we are.


  1. You are right, Kelvin – today was essentially S Mary’s in ‘top notch usual mode’. The service, and +Gene’s ministry to us, underlined for me the ‘good bits’ about what the worldwide church can be about – ‘bits’ I think Christ’s disciples would recognize.
    That we are all ‘lame’ in some way, each carrying our own reminders of wrestling with God, and that we have not yet reached our God-given potential, are both affirming and empowering considerations.
    To be reminded that OUR responsibility in the church is to reach out to all and welcome ALL without exception is an ever-present challenge.

    Thank you, +Gene for visiting – Haste Ye Back.

  2. Very well said, Kelvin. How apt that the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those inside the Cathedral but did scare off the protesters!

  3. Kelvin – I am looking forward to hearing +Gene’s sermon, and hope that you have extended him an invitation to return again. Next time I hope to be in Glasgow to hear him.

  4. Rosemary says

    It was a very beautiful service, with an excellent atmosphere. +Gene’s sincerity simply shone through and the sermon was excellent, touching and an example of how to turn personal experience into universal experience.

    I think everybody must have been touched at how he put his hurts at our service, for our healing, and at how the worship team at the cathedral put their skills at his service in a simple and gracious, and self forgetful way. It was an example of Christian living from beginning to end.

  5. Kelvin – thank you for making this all happen. It was an inspiring and very moving service and one in which I hope we showed +Gene that we are indeed all God’s people.

  6. Thank you Kelvin and everyone at St M’s. I was proud to be back as one of the ‘family’.

  7. This morning’s service was glorious and was made more so by the fact that it didn’t set out to be a ‘special service’, just the same kind of grace and joy that happens in St Mary’s every Sunday. I was glad to experience it today and to hear +Gene’s wonderful sermon.

  8. Jimmy says

    I was handed a tract going into the church by a what must have been a protester, there was a cloud burst at the time so I wasn’t hanging about to find out.
    Finding when I got home that the title of the tract seemed somehow incomplete I added three words, it now reads –
    “The Gay who found the way to St Mary’s.”

  9. Caron says

    I was there in spirit if not in body this morning – family issues took priority.

    I wish I had been with you and it sounds like you had the most uplifting time.


  10. Thanks, Kelvin, for making a great thing happen. It felt like the real Christian community in action.

  11. +Gene preaching and celebrating, and a same-sex blessing all on the weekend that Lambeth wraps up. Pushing the boat out a bit? However, thankfully, + Gene is right, and a totally inclusive church will one day arrive. Just a question of when. The Cathedral may well be leading the way, but the Diocese and the Province has to come with you all. Just a thought as I read in my Herald today that “The Anglican Communion now stands on the verge of a split. On one side are the liberal congregations of America and, judging by yesterday, Scotland.” This was indeed news to me!

  12. Robin says

    I wouldn’t worry unduly, Fr Kenny. The Anglican Communion has been “on the verge of a split” for at least three decades, first over women and now over gays, and it still hasn’t happened.

    “Anglican Communion will probably stagger on much as before for the foreseeable future” would have been a fairer commentary, but it doesn’t sell newspapers!

  13. Irene says

    Thank you for a truly wonderful service, very moving and the most beautiful music. Oh so difficult to contain my tears.

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