Gene Robinson Interview – 1

I've not many words today so all you are getting is a bit more of the interview I did with +Gene. This is the first bit, all about what it felt like to come to Scotland straight from the Lambeth Conference.


  1. A short section, however having looked at several over the past few days, it has occur to me how you can use the video taken (and show off your editting skills) to support the new St Mary’s web site.

    Why not sell DVD to raise money for the web site?

  2. See those polished shoes shine on that Provost!

  3. I like how you’re relatively dressed down, humbly avoiding taking the spotlight off of +Gene 🙂

  4. Ryan, Kelvin looks neither dressed down nor dressed up to me, he always looks pretty much like that, even in the pub after Evensong.

    Mind you it gets some tables and seats vacated for the choir pretty sharpish when he’s there too!

    And humble?

    ps Bet that last bit doesn’t get through the moderation queue! 🙂

  5. Do you really get to go to the pub with Kelvin if you attend evensong? I fear that such an attraction is one that no other episcopal churches in the area can match, and that St Mary’s is cheating somewhat :-).

  6. He even sometimes buys a drink. Apparently. 🙂

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