Round up of blog reactions

Here is a round up of blog reactions to last Sunday morning.

We’ll start with those who were there:

Firstly, Christine Blethers has Gene Robinson in Glasgow. Then later reports on her Anger Recollected in Tranquillity. (She’s obviously been reading her Wordsworth again).

Also coming across the water from our companion diocese of Argyll and The Isles Especially The Isle of Rothesay was Alison Clark who tags it onto the end of a post about Silence.

Kate and Justin came over from Edinburgh. She reports on it all before taking a break from blogging and in addition offers us a very cute pic of Coleridge wearing a daisy-chain.

Then there is Fr Madpriest who came from Newcastle which is in England, apparently. Not so much a journey as a pilgrimage. He reports it as Madpriest’s Big Adventure.

Fr Madpriest was accompanied on this journey by The Me That Is Me. Apparently they had not seen on another for 9 years. Not so much a pilgrimage as an odyssey. He reports it as That Grand Day Out.

It was wonderful to meet you both in the flesh for the first time.

Jackie (who posts a Daily Pic from Glasgow) has a pic of the cathedral and a bit of comment.

Amongst those who were not there, we have Janisanfran (are there one of them or two?) who speak(s) of global awareness bringing possibilities for peace.

Crystal comes over all inspired by the bard as she writes: Scots Wha hae.

Catherine + over at Come to the Table is delighted at all that happened. (But thinks it happened in the Church of Scotland). She is writing about Post-Lambeth: Reflections and Writers.

Fr Kenny warns us that we have to take the rest of the church with us and also seems to think I had a hand in the new Partick Thistle away strip. (I’d have chosen something more butch, myself, actually).

And Raspberry Rabbit made me laugh with his reportage of what purports to be a conversation between me and Fr Primus. As I observe a strict moratorium on reporting conversations between Fr Primus and myself on this blog, it contains rather more detail than you will get from me.

Any more? Who have I missed out?


  1. Sadly, none of the blogging St.Silasites have reported on it but I shall continue to monitor the situation :-).

    Italy, which obviously has the best bishops, leads the way in rose football tops too:

  2. Thanks for the link to Glasgow Daily Photo – I got more hits yesterday evening (nearly 6 times more!) than my previous best daily, so clearly someone reads your blog.

    I also posted a bit on my other blog (link above) which nobody reads 😀 (with the same photo as on Glasgow DP). I’m planning on writing in a bit more detail about the service at some point, hopefully later today or tomorrow.

  3. Fame at last for me! A link from your Blog, and yesterday a comment on my Blog from James MacMillan and MadPriest. Can life gert any better?

  4. Can life get any better, asks Kenny.

    Partick Thistle (Nil) to win the premier league this year?

  5. Gosh, Kelvin, you must feel gracious – upping the stats of simple bloggers like that! (Mine too – ta!) 🙂

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