Closing Sequence

Here is the closing sequence of last Sunday's service with +Gene. I'm almost finished uploading video. I'll post the full interview tomorrow.

This clip contains the blessing, the closing hymn, the notices and ovation and Bishop Gene's closing remarks, including what he thinks about St Mary's.

For those wanting more discussion on the hymn, take a look at this favourite blog post and comments.


  1. ….ah you faded out Ollie in his prime.

    Wonderful words from +Gene

  2. Really good. Incidently, wikipedia has a gay bishops article (and I know that it’s a sad thing that +Gene is perceived as “the gay bishop” but the entry, if anything, points out precedents ) that mentions a former bishop of Glasgow. There’s also a wikipedia entry on Kelvin (which I hope he didn’t write himself!).

  3. Melissa says

    The technology is astonishing – to be able to see and hear St. Mary’s here in the North Carolina Smokey Mountains!

    I agree that they are wonderful and fitting words from +Gene.

  4. Just to confirm that I did not write the Wikipedia entry on myself. I don’t regard it as entirely accurate nor particularly comprehensive. So far, I’ve resisted the temptation to meddle with it in accordance with wikipedia convention.

  5. David |Dah • veed| says

    I have no qualms about fixing issues in Wikipedia. I mostly fix poor grammar, especially when the writer obviously does not speak English as a first language.

    Send me your CV Kelvin and I will wade in and correct it.


  1. […] It was the prolonged applause which quite a few of the papers focussed on in their reporting including that of  the Herald. (It can also be heard as part of this video of proceedings). […]

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