Gene Robinson Interview

Here is the full interview that I did with +Gene. Covers lots of things including his reflections on arriving in Scotland post-Lambeth, what he thought of the protesters, a conversation about the beginning of the end of patriarchy and a roundup of what he was intending to say in the sermon.

And you can read +Gene’s own reflections of being at St Mary’s on his blog at:


  1. Excellent, Kelvin. And I may I say thanks on behalf of all the St.Silasites that I know have been watching the clips 🙂

    It is pretty cool that you’re on wikipedia; not only are there no other SEC priests (as far as I can see) with entries, only half of the SEC bishops have one.

  2. So, that would be 3.5 bishops, Ryan? Which gets only half a mention?

  3. Thank you Kelvin for all your work in putting these videos together. Most interesting to hear what you had to say – questions and answers very apposite.

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